Commuting and working in London does have some hidden benefits if your willing to step outside your usual journey. Aside from obvious monetary and career opportunities there is much urban landscape to explore if you are so inclined.

Rather than leaping straight on the tube to catch the same iron horse everyone else is racing for, book a slightly later, less crowded train and utilise your leg power to explore London’s rich landscape.

The demands and complexity of modern life are driven by time pressures and deadlines and my desire to rush home from work, especially on long cold, dark nights, as strong as anyone else’s. Despite this, I look forward to a chance to explore new territory in the spirit of Micro Adventure (see Alastair Humphries’ book and website: Walking back from Stratford to Euston, for example, through the verdant spaces of Victoria Park or the towpath of Regents Canal to Islington offers a different perspective on Victorian industrialisation and some quirky finds – even better if you can cycle and avoid the busy main road arteries.
Don’t be so surprised you’re bored of your commute if you don’t do something different. Try and open your eyes more and look up. Ever wondered where that narrow street or path goes – now’s your time to be spontaneous and find out. You never know where it might take you.


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