elusive autumn ghost
you are correlate‎, a
prodigious yet‎ constant reverie

encoded in musical refrains
the decaying filigree of leaves
each sanguine sunrise decoded

evanescent revenant
you are resurrected, a
stubborn yet yielding muse

located in ‎midnight musings
the ephemeral vagaries of dreams
each ‎keepsake collected

eidolon‎, I am entangled, a
wooden sentinel penning
nocturnes‎ for abandoned seasons

captivated by ‎clouds and conches
the peripheral subtleties of existence
each sunlit dust mote reflected

simulacra, I am defeated, a
disconsolate fugitive imprisoned
by a futile fantasy

‎haunted by summers past
the perpetual lament of absences
each litany unanswered

Patrik Gryst


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