The Derenberger Tapes (Short COLD MiX)

The ‘Woodrow Derenberger Interview‘ is a 30 minute audio tape recording of a live interview by Glenn Wilson who worked at WTAP-TV. In the interview Woody Derenberger recounts his encounter with Indrid Cold in Parkersburg West Virginia on November 3rd 1966 at about 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

I’ve always been intrigued by this story; ever since I read John Keel’s book ‘The Mothman Prophecies‘, and saw the 2002 film of the book, starring Richard Gere.  Indrid Cold has become part of modern mytho-culture surrounding ufo conspiracies and the internet is awash with images of the visitor from Lanulos –  the planet that Woody Derenberger claim his unearthly visitor hailed from.

For the last six weeks I have been spent every spare moment working in my makeshift tabletop studio, to compose a dance/EDM track using an audio recording of the original TV interview. You can find a link to the track here:  The Derenberger Tapes (Short COLD MiX)


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