#Advent 7: Pylons in the Rain

I’ve had this lead-line in my head for quite a while. I remember climbing a hill near where I used to live as a child and standing under a pylon in the rain – not the safest thing to do – and being captivated by the sound of the high voltage electricity surging through the cables. I imagined being able to draw energy that would transport me to a different dimension… Advent 7: Pylons in the Rain – Patrik Gryst


Advent 6: The Derenberger Tapes (Micro Mix)

So you always forget to open your Advent Calendar some days, right?.  Here’s Advent 6: The Derenberger Tapes (Micro Mix).

The ‘Woodrow Derenberger Interview’ is a 30 minute audio tape recording of a live interview by Glenn Wilson who worked at WTAP-TV. In the interview Woody Derenberger recounts his encounter with Indrid Cold in Parkersburg West Virginia on November 3rd 1966 at about 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

The story of Indrid Cold has always fascinated me and Woody Derenberger’s account of his numerous meetings with his unearthly visitor, as told in his book Visitors from Lanulos is a gripping one. The Derenberger Tapes (Micro Mix)

#Advent 3: Vintervann

My third #ADVENTtrack explores the theme of winter.  There are only two notes in this composition, expressing the starkness of Winter.

I’ve always been fascinated by the tides of the season, in particular Winter and how December flows toward the Winter Solstice. Vintervann is the Norwegian word for Winter Tide and I think best describes the bleak beauty of Winter, especially in the northern hemisphere.

Herre the link: Advent 3: Vintervann – Patrik Gryst

#ADVENTtrack Project

Advent is a season observed by many and has obvious connotations with the coming of the Nativity; for many though, religious or non-religious, it is simply a countdown to Christmas and the Festive Season.

I always find Winter and especially Christmas a reflective and creative time, especially in the period between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Today on December 2nd, which is the official start of the Advent season, I came up with idea of composing a track every day, based on the theme of Advent or Winter, and posting it online; and then it occurred to me I could invite other musical artists from across the internet to post their own tracks as a way of connecting to others and sharing and celebrating creativity.

So if you want to get involved, all you need to do is create your own #ADVENTtrack, upload it to SoundCloud or similar with the tag #ADVENTtrack, describing the theme or motif of your track.  It can be any genre of music and should have some connection to this time of year. Once you have posted your track, you could nominate another musical artist to compose and post their track.

I’ll be posting a track every day until the end of the month. This is today’s track, Advent1: Glacier on Soundcloud: Advent 1: Glacier – Patrik Gryst