Pure Duration EP

Finally after months of recording and production my first album is nearly ready. Here is a link to an EP on SoundCloud as a little taster: Patrik Gryst – Pure Duration EP.

The EP is a blend of electronic, dance and ambient music exploring the concept of Pure Duration espoused by Henri Bergson, alongside themes of saudade and loss.  ‘Complex drum patterns and eerie, soaring sweeps counterpoint against ostinato and evolving melodies to form a rich and unique tapestry of sound.’

Pure Duration EP Cover Art


#Advent 3: Vintervann

My third #ADVENTtrack explores the theme of winter.  There are only two notes in this composition, expressing the starkness of Winter.

I’ve always been fascinated by the tides of the season, in particular Winter and how December flows toward the Winter Solstice. Vintervann is the Norwegian word for Winter Tide and I think best describes the bleak beauty of Winter, especially in the northern hemisphere.

Herre the link: Advent 3: Vintervann – Patrik Gryst

Pure Duration

Throughout July and August, I recorded tracks for an electronic music project entitled Pure Duration. Pure Duration is a philosophical idea explored in an essay  entitled Time and Free Will, by Henri Bergson. Pure Duration explores how time is conceptualised in the mind, and music is a way of conceptualising the present, as well as reminding us of the past.

Last night I finished editing a promotional video for the title track from the project using some time-lapse film whilst on holiday in Wales . Here’s the YouTube link: Patrik Gryst – Pure Duration